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Square Stem Research

Square wants you to remix their track "Elsewhere". 


Download the audio stems for free and do whatever sound alchemy you want to them. Once you're done with your remix just send us your track and we'll publish it on our growing playlist of Elsewhere remixes.

Happy remixing!!!

- James, Edward, Nathan, Alfredo

unnamed (2).jpg



Released in October 2020, this epic 8-minute track has all the Square trimmings: the odd time signatures, the growling bass, the forlorn lyric, the punk-prog guitars, the spanky drums, and the never dull large-scale form –always observing proper voice-leading and harmonic function, of course.



Preview and download the entire lot or just a few stems you want to use.

Recorded at Rain City Recorders by JJ Heath and mixed at Fresh Air Audio with additional tracking by Kevin Hamilton.



Check out some of these great remixes so far!

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